Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire

We’d been travelling a lot, and one day over drinks in a local pub, we decided that we’d like to start this blog to inform other travellers to the Cotswold’s of our own experiences to this truly magical part of England.

I’ve grown up in this area, it’s my home. Although, during my late 20’s and early 30’s I must admit I became quite complacent to the point that I stopped noticing the Cotswold’s for what it is, an idyllic and picturesque location, steeped in history and with a lot to offer visitors.

My fiance originally comes from the London area, although she has lived in the Cotswold’s for many years now, she see’s this part of the world with eyes of imagination and charm. She has inspired me to rethink my attitude towards the Cotswold’s and regain my love for it’s quirky buildings, rolling hills, long country walks and endless tea-rooms. It’s thanks to her influence and zest for travel and my knowledge of the old country lanes that together, we have journeyed this area so frequently, collecting memories, tips, stories and pictures that we’d like to share.


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